Paloduro Services

New patient acupuncture: $120+ cost of herbs (optional)

Return patient acupuncture: $90+ cost of herbs (optional)

Facial rejuvenation acupuncture: $140 New patient/$135 Return patient+ cost of herbs (optional)

Smoking Cessation Acupuncture Treatment: $50 New patient/$45 Return patient

(coming soon!)Herbal Consult Only: $45+ cost of Herbs


All services offered have a 5 and 10 treatment package at 15% off cost of treatments.

Be sure to ask about them today!

Services descriptions:

-Includes initial intake, Chinese diagnosis, acupuncture, possible other modalities, and prescription of Chinese herbal formula, if requested (cost of herbs may vary).

Description of Acupuncture and Modalities:

Acupuncture is the method of stimulating specific acupoints to manipulate the “qi” or energy of a patient. By needling these points for specific patient diagnosis, the acupuncturist is able to change the balance of energy in the body to effect various symptoms in the patient. Needles are very thin, about the size of a human hair, and generally are not felt upon insertion. The points a practitioner uses are chosen based on your Chinese medical diagnosis to benefit imbalances of qi, yin, and yang in the body and alleviate symptoms such as:

  • pain (acute and chronic)

– digestive disorders

  • sleep disorders

-stress and anxiety

-PMS symptoms

…and much more!


Other modalities may be used in your treatment. Moxabustion is the application of heat by burning Artemisia or Mugwort. This heat is applied indirectly to the body (on top of needles, held above the skin) and directly to the skin to warm the channels and move qi and blood. Fire cupping is the method of using glass cups with heat to create suction and attach cups to the body. This method is typically used to move qi and blood, and reduce stagnation in the channels. Guasha is a “scraping” method used to invigorate the channel by using a tool made of glass, bone or acrylic directly on the skin. Electro-acupuncture uses small electric currents on acupuncture needles(much like a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or T.E.N.S. unit) to provide extra stimulation of acupoints. It is extremely beneficial for treating pain. Auriculotherapy is simply ear acupuncture. The ear is seen as a microsystem of the whole body and can therefore be used to treat symptoms in the whole patient. Tuina is an ancient Chinese massage technique used to supplement acupuncture treatment with gentle manipulation of the channels on the body. If you have any questions, please see our F.A.Q. page under patient information, our informed consent to treat form under patient information- forms, or feel free to call us!

-Includes intake, Chinese diagnosis, acupuncture, possible other modalities, and prescription of Chinese herbal formula if requested (cost of herbs may vary).

-includes intake, facial treatment, facial and body needling, Chinese herbal prescription if requested.


Constitutional Facial Rejunvenation Acupuncture is a method of treating both inner and outer beauty. This method was created to benefit cosmetic aspects of the face as well as the constitutional symptoms a patient might have. Constitutional Facial Rejuvenation acupuncture is a transitional process for the patient. Generally, at least 10 treatments are recommended about once a week with maintenance treatments every few months after a 10-treatment course has been followed. Using facial and body acupoints this method may benefit the following:

-may reduces fine lines and wrinkles

-may help boost collagen and elastic of the facial tissue

-may benefit complexion

-may strengthen and tighten facial muscles

-may improve sleep, digestion, emotional stress/anxiety



Some Cautions/Contraindications for Facial acupuncture:

-migraines within the last 3 months


-Autoimmune diseases (Graves disease, Addison’s disease, or severely immune compromised patients)


-those with bleeding disorders


Enjoy a relaxing facial rejuvenation treatment today!


This treatment is mainly for those wishing to quit smoking tobacco, however, it may be used for any substance dependency that one would like to reduce. This treatment is a shortened acupuncture treatment using mostly ear needles and a few body points to facilitate smoking cessation in patients. Cost of herbs are not included.

-includes intake, Chinese medical diagnosis, prescription of Chinese herbal formula, take home instructions for preparation or dosage.


Chinese herbs are paired with acupuncture to form the basic foundation of Traditional Chinese Medical treatment. Over 300 herbs from the Chinese Materia Medica are used to help balance internal forces in the body in conjunction with acupuncture to further benefit the health of the patient. Chinese herbs are beneficial for a wide variety of symptoms such as:

-may benefit digestive disorder

-may benefit cold/flu symptoms

-may benefit asthma, and respiratory issues

-may help relieve acute and chronic pain

-may benefit sleep disorders

-may help with emotional stress and anxiety

-may benefit menstrual disorders (pain, menstrual irregularity, etc.)

…and much more.


Chinese herbs are prescribed in three forms. Raw or bulk Chinese herbs are the prepared herb in its true form. Bulk herbs are generally prepared at home by decocting (simmering) herbs in water to make a tea. Full instructions for any at home preparation will be provided as well as the herbs needed to make a formula. This is generally the cheapest way to purchase Chinese herbs and is traditionally the most effective. Granular herbs are a herb powder made of concentrated single Chinese herbs. This method of herbal prescription is generally taken orally by mixing the powder into warm water and drinking the mixture. All instructions for dosages will be provided. Both granular herbs and bulk herbs allow the practitioner to modify each formula to benefit each patient specifically. They are also both generally the most price friendly option. Finally, Chinese herbal patents are the pre-formulated bottles of tablets, capsules, or tinctures that contain herbal formulas. Patents are a convenient option for patients who want the simplest possible method of taking Chinese herbs. These patents are generally a low dose of each formula and can be used for sensitive patients as well. Although they are convenient they are not modifiable per each patient’s specific needs, and therefore, do not allow the practitioner to create a specific formula for the patient. All prices for Chinese herbal prescriptions vary per patient Chinese diagnosis. Make an appointment today for an herbal consult!